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Committees at Beth Tikvah are an extension of the Board of Directors. Our congregants participate in our Committees according to their interests and abilities. If you like to cook, you are a good fit for our Caring Committee that provides meals for members and their families in times of illness. If you are a gardener, you would enjoy our community social action garden, Gan Tikvah. If you enjoy singing or playing instruments, you can participate in our choirs or instrumental ensembles, and there are many opportunities (like Purim) to use your dramatic and comedic elements. There are committees and activities to suit every interest and personality. We welcome everyone to join the Committees listed below.

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ARZA (American Reform Zionists Association)

At Beth Tikvah, ARZA (The Association of Reform Zionists of America) Committee is dedicated to supporting the mission of ARZA and educating our congregants about Israel. The Reform Movement Stands with Israel, encourages ARZA Membership, keeps us apprised of Israeli news and culture.Ground

Buildings & Grounds / Security

We are dedicated to ensuring our building and surrounding grounds are in excellent shape for the enjoyment and safety of our congregants, and to sustain our vibrant community through our worship, celebrations, learning, helping others, and life cycle events. We oversee our building construction, plumbing, electrical, IT infrastructure, and more. We also have a Security Sub-Committee working to ensure our continued safety. Please contact our Chairs to get involved!

Buildings & Grounds:

Building Use Rental Application 

Caring Committee

We assist our congregation’s members by: donating meals to those in need or during illness; helping families during Shiva by serving meals of condolence; giving rides to Shabbat services and doctors appointments; Caring by Sharing, linking those who have experienced similar situations and challenges; Caring Closet, providing toiletries and food; contacting the ill and lending an ear; Comfort Circle for those who have lost loved ones; and much more.

Do you need our Caring Committee to help you? Do you know someone who needs assistance? Would you like to help our Committee? Please contact

Learn more about Caring Committee here.

Continuing Education

The study of sacred texts connects us with God and to others, enriches spiritual and educational growth, and helps us to live at our best. Lifelong learning opportunities include weekly Torah Study, monthly Book Club, monthly Lunch & Learn, Hebrew Classes, Adult B'nai Mitzvah, Yad Squad (chanting Torah), movies and discussions, guest lectures, educational outings, and more.

Contact us for more information:

ECC Parent Committee

The ECC Committee Chairs lead all ECC Committee meetings, including managing the calendar, taking minutes, and working closely with the ECC Director on budget, enrollment, and more. They also oversee all ECC fundraisers and coordinate volunteers.

Contact us for more information:


Enrichment Funds Chair:
Honor Roll Chair:
Ways & Means

Charity is equal in importance to all the other commandments combined.
- Babylonian Talmud 

According to Jewish tradition, tzedakah, or charitable giving (often translated as “righteousness”), is part of our obligation to help repair the world. By making financial or material donations to appropriate agencies, we can assist the hungry, the homeless, the oppressed, and others who are struggling. It is our responsibility to make such donations, and it is our honor to do so. Even the poor are compelled to contribute toward the greater good.


The Enrichment Chair explains and promotes all of the Temple’s enrichment funds, to which members and non-members may donate, as well as what the money in each fund is used for.

The Honor Roll Chair raises money for the temple by personally encouraging those members who can, to pay more than the minimum dues.

The Ways & Means Chair creatively meets the temple’s fundraising budget. These funds supplement membership dues to ensure the temple’s programming, building, and staff continue to make Beth Tikvah Congregation the place we love.

Marketing & Communications

Email our Team:
Team includes: Marketing, Outside Publicity, Tikvahite (Newsletter), Webmaster, and Social Media

The Marketing & Communications Committee's goal is to enhance the promotion of Beth Tikvah Congregation to the outside community, and to keep our current members informed about scheduled activities, and actively involved in our community. We work closely with all of our internal staff, groups, organizations, and committees to ensure their events are well-publicized. We communicate to prospective and current members via our website, outside publications, bi-weekly emails, bi-monthly newsletters, event-specific emails, and social media.

Learn more about Marketing and Communications here.

Membership & Involvement

Membership Vice-President:
Recruitment Chair:

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to build our temple’s membership in numbers and strength. We strive to involve our current members in, and attract prospective members to, our dynamic community. 

To express interest in temple membership for you or your family, please fill out the Member Family Information Record and send it to the office or via email to 

Learn more about Membership here

Outreach / Interfaith

A Welcoming and Diverse Community
The Outreach / Interfaith Task Force focuses on welcoming to our community a diversity of Jews and their families, interfaith and inter-racial couples, Jews by choice and those interested in Judaism, Jews of color, LGBTQ individuals and families, single adults and blended families, rich and poor, young and old and in between. Beth Tikvah Congregation is committed to actively welcoming all, and building a vibrant, inclusive community. Outreach is one of the ways we do this.

A Home at Beth Tikvah
If your life has been touched by an interfaith relationship, or if you have chosen or are exploring Judaism, Beth Tikvah Outreach is here to offer guidance and support. We offer opportunities to share your experiences and learn from others in a non-threatening, friendly environment.

Outreach is focused on:

  • Welcoming new Jews-by-choice and educating those exploring Judaism
  • Welcoming interfaith families to take part in synagogue life, to learn more about Judaism and raise their children as Jews
  • Inspiring Jews to engage more fully in the synagogue community, especially those who feel disconnected or distant
  • Educating the congregational community to be accepting of all that seek a place in our congregation
  • Assisting those who are grand-parenting interfaith children
  • Educating the entire community on Jewish customs and practices

Where do I begin?
Everyone is welcome to attend all of our events. Please contact our Chairperson if you are interested in attending, participating, have questions, or want to be involved in this committee.

Contact our Chair for more information:

Religious School Committee

Contact our Chair for more


Working closely with the clergy, we consider the duties of the Ritual Committee as important and sacred. The result of our actions impact all congregants, and we welcome any and all willing to serve as part of our dedicated committee. Our efforts center around four major areas:

  • Creating and updating overall worship policy and procedural items
  • Ushering for services and coordinating congregants to participate in Candle Lighting and Kiddush honors for Shabbat services
  • Coordinating all High Holy Day services
  • Coordinating meetings with Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, their parents, clergy, and involved groups

Contact our

Social Action

Social Action – a cornerstone of Judaism – is passionately embraced at Beth Tikvah Congregation. The congregation actively and consistently fulfills the commandment of Tikun Olam – repairing the world – and practices G’milut Chasadim – doing deeds of loving kindness. Social Action is woven into the fabric of Beth Tikvah, with a variety of activities in which to participate. Whether a member of the Committee, a participant in Social Action activities, or both, those involved find the fulfillment of giving back and forming strong bonds, while “repairing the world” together.

Contact us at:

Learn more about Social Action  here

Social Justice (Tzedek)

Social Justice is organizing our people to stand with vulnerable communities. It is repairing the world we live in. It is hearing stories and understanding concerns, voicing our values and sometimes speaking truth to power. It is collectively trying to go at, and fix, the root cause of a problem rather than providing an immediate but temporary solution. Our Torah teaches that we are to protect the vulnerable including the widow, the orphan, and the stranger. Today, vulnerable communities and individuals might include: low income communities and families, immigrants and refugees, people of color, and those who are transgender. (Sometimes we as Jews are vulnerable as well). We would like to be a role model for our youth; our actions in pursuit of Social Justice will speak louder than mere words.

Contact us at:

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee was created in 2012 to ensure Beth Tikvah remains vibrant and relevant, short-term and long-term. Its goals include the following:

  • Develop a clear vision of how BTC will be positioned to the world, short and long term.
  • Once developed, firmly embed Beth Tikvah’s strategic position in its marketing and congregational activities, bringing this positioning to life.
  • Develop a plan for capital improvements, in line with the strategic position.

Contact us at:


The Technology Chair and Committee maintains, repairs, and updates the physical technology systems within our building, as well as the digital/electronic programs and apps our congregation uses during the regular course of business.

 Contact us at​​​​​​​:

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