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Zoom Meeting Instructions

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing, group messaging, and online meetings solution, compatible with both PC and mobile devices.

Zoom links may be included in congregational emails or in private congregational social media groups, but they will not be put on the website. If you cannot find the link, please email the sponsor of the meeting for a link.

Zoom Video Tutorials:

If you want to join Audio only and don’t want to see individuals or be seen via webcam, join the conference call:

  1. Call +1-312-626-6799.
  2. Enter the meeting ID when you are prompted.
    • Example: the meeting ID for Zoom Shabbat on 3/20/20 is 717 390 595

If are using a smartphone (

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for and download Zoom
  3. Open the app once it’s installed
  4. Click the button to join a meeting
  5. Enter the Meeting ID – it should be in the email invitation.
    • Example: the meeting ID for Zoom Shabbat on 3/20/20 is 717 390 595

If you are using a computer (

  1. Go to http:/
  2. Enter the Meeting ID and click Join
    • Example: the meeting ID for Zoom Shabbat on 3/20/20 is 717 390 595

If you want to download the zoom app

  1. Click Open
  2. Wait for it to download in the lower left corner and
  3. Click the downloaded Zoom item

If you don’t want to download the app, and want to use a Browser instead

  1. Click Cancel in the popup box,
  2. Click “Click Here to launch the meeting” and then
  3. Click “Join From Your Browser”

  4. After you launch Zoom from either the App or the Browser, select “Join Audio by Device” or “Join with Computer Audio” – this will enable your voice to be heard
  5. Look in the lower left corner – if you have a Video with a slash thru it, then people cannot see you. Click it if you want people to see you.
  6. If your Mute (microphone icon) has a slash thru it then you are on mute. You can unmute if you want people to hear you. In some cases the moderator will control the muting & unmuting of participants. If you have been muted by the moderator, you will see a notification.
  7. There is a Chat feature where you can text chat with text with your fellow participants.
  8. You can see multiple participants of the meeting at a single time by switching to Gallery View on the computer or swiping right on your smart phone.
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