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Marketing and Communications Committee

Marketing Purpose
The Marketing & Communications Committee's goal is to enhance the promotion of Beth Tikvah Congregation to the outside community, and to keep our current members informed about scheduled activities, and actively involved in our community. We work closely with all of our internal staff, groups, organizations, and committees to ensure their events are well-publicized. We communicate to prospective and current members via our website, outside publications, bi-weekly emails, bi-monthly newsletters, event-specific emails, and social media.

Publicity Team
Marketing & Communications Vice-President - Lori Trachtenberg:
Marketing Chair - Roni Binder:
Publicity & Public Relations - Becca Easley:
Website Services - Matthew Hallaron:
Tikvahite Newsletter - Becca Easley:
Social Media - Laura Shulman-Reitman:
Photo Services - Yuval Trachtenberg:

Links to Social Media

Steps to Publicize an Event

  1. Confirm the date & location with the Recording Secretary (
  2. Complete our Online Event Form so we have all necessary info. We will need the following info:
    1. Start / End Date(s) & Times
    2. Event Name
    3. Event Description (2-3 sentences)
    4. Event Participants
    5. RSVP Date
    6. Event Chair contact info
    7. Zoom or Sign-up Genius Link if needed
    8.  Confirm your security needs
  3. The Publicity Team will:
    1. Contact you if we need more info
    2. Provide some images to select from
    3. Create the Event on ShulCloud
    4. Create the Registration on ShulCloud 
    5. Use social and email media to publicize your event
  4. Your Committee is responsible for:
    1. Creating a Zoom Link if needed
    2. Creating a Sign-up Genius Link if needed
    3. Checking on your registrations and reaching out to them as as needed


Questions? Please email, so we can help you quickly.

Updated 10/2022

Time Lines

Most Important Events:  3 months in advance

Examples: Picnic, Golf Outing, Annual Fundraiser, Chai Tea, High Holy Days, Purim, Chanukkah Dinner, Community Seder, Mah Jongg Tournament.  (These are items that will typically get front page or bigger spread on the Tikvahite)

Most events/needs:  6-8 weeks in advance. 

Any event that warrants outside publicity needs 8 weeks minimum

All events that would like more than 1 highlight in Spotlight or 2 Solo blasts

Smaller and/or monthly events/needs, a 4-6 week in advance.

Smaller events like Dine and Donate, Bake Sales, Nosh Cafe, Book Club, Special Shabbat services like Installation Shabbat, Campers Shabbat, Book Club events, etc.

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783