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Religious School - Departments & Curriculum

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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide an education to our students in Judaism - its history, writings, language, liturgy (order of prayers), practices, culture, values and beliefs, in a safe, inclusive environment that promotes a positive Jewish identity, a desire for lifelong learning, and a means to connect to the larger Jewish community of the past, present and future.

Goals: We strive to provide both knowledge and inspiration to our students so, throughout their lives, they: ♦Have a positive Jewish identity, ♦ Study Torah, ♦ Study Ivrit (Hebrew), ♦ Celebrate Jewish holidays and Jewish lifecycle events, ♦ Pray, ♦ Pursue social justice and perform acts of loving kindness, ♦ Connect with the larger Jewish community through synagogue life and Jewish organizations, ♦ Practice acceptance of others who are different from us, ♦ Support Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, ♦ Develop literate Jews.

Religious School Calendar

Curriculum & Class Descriptions

We use the CHAI curriculum.

The CHAI Curriculum is an educational system for Reform congregational schools focused on the values of Torah, Avodah and G'milut Chasadim. The curriculum highlights the most important concepts and values of Jewish life. Each grade level (1-7) learns key lessons through the components of Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim.

Covid Protocols

Food Policy

For the 2021-2022 School Year we will not be eating in the classrooms. Please do not send food of any type to Religious School with your student.

This does not apply to the Gesher L’Kesher Brown Bag Dinner Program on Tuesday nights. The Gesher L’Kesher students must adhere to social distancing guidelines and will be closely monitored by staff. Brown bag dinners must follow both the nut and kosher style guidelines below:

Kosher Style

In keeping with the dietary guidelines set forth by the temple, all meals and snacks eaten in the temple and classrooms are Kosher style. This means at no time will shellfish or pork be permitted. Additionally, students will not be permitted to eat milk and meat products together at the same meal. (Example: Deli meal - Deli sandwich (no cheese), potato chips and a fruit - Dairy Meal- Vegetable salad, cheese stick and crackers)

Nut-Free School Policy

Our school community has made a commitment to follow nut-free guidelines for the safety and health of all our students. We need each student, teacher, and parent to help us make our Religious School a safer place for kids who have food allergies.

What Nut-Free Means at Beth Tikvah’s Religious School


  • outside food with nuts
  • peanut butter
  • granola bars, snacks, candy or treats with nuts
  • packaged foods with labels that read “may contain traces of tree nuts”
  • packaged foods with labels that read “produced in a facility where tree nuts may be present”


  • all kinds of sandwiches that don’t have nuts
  • soy butter, sun butter, and non-nut butter
  • packaged foods with labels that do not have nuts listed in the ingredients

Drop-off & Pick-up Policy

  • Parents are to remain outside of the building to minimize the number of people in building/contact among others.
  • For Drop Off: Parents should walk younger children to the front door where staff will guide children to their classrooms.
  • For Pick Up: Parents may wait on the front patio for their students. Please allow at least 6 feet of space among families.
  • Classes will be dismissed starting with the youngest students to the oldest students.
    • This means on Sunday mornings, the PreK and Kindergarten students will be dismissed first and the 7th graders will be dismissed last.
    • This is being done to reduce traffic of students in the hallways.

**In addition, parents will drop off and pick up their children at the main entrance. If your family is new to Beth Tikvah, or your child will benefit from your presence during drop off, please be in touch with Rokki and Mandy. We will work together to create a plan.

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Religious School Handbook

Link to Religious School Handbook - including expectations and policies


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