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Groups are special-interest and/or more social organizations.

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BTC Jr (Families with Young Children)

What is BTC Jr?

Beth Tikvah Congregation Jr is fun Jewish programming aimed specifically at families with young children to get them involved in Jewish life.

How do you define young children?

Beth Tikvah Congregation Jr participation will be defined by you – the family. Much like Disney Junior and Nick Jr., there isn’t a specific cut-off age.


Book Club

The Beth Tikvah Book Club, sponsored by Adult Education, meets each month, adjusted for holidays. We have for a lively discussion of a book we’ve selected and read. The chosen books have a connection to Judaism, and may be historical, cultural, fictional, or non-fiction. 

Book Club Guru,

Comfort Circle

The Comfort Circle is the grief support group at Beth Tikvah Congregation. The support group is for adults and family members who have lost parents, partners, siblings or children, and is free.

This group is led by Stacey Cohn Siver Ph.D. - a Beth Tikvah member - and Cantorial Leader Ilana Axel. If you are interested in joining the Comfort Circle or would like more information on the group, please contact Ilana Axel ( or Stacey Siver (

Men's Club

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The purpose of the Men's Club is to serve in cooperation with Beth Tikvah Congregation in stimulating Jewish religious activities; to foster cultural and educational advancement amongst its membership, the Congregation and the Jewish people at large; to promote through social activities the spirit of comradeship within its midst; to advance the work of Men's Club through affiliation with the The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Inc. and the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods.

The Men's Club is not solely focused on service to the Temple. At monthly activities, members are able to socialize, cultivate friendships, relax and have fun.

Men's Club Membership Form

Music Groups

Cantorial Leader

  • Grades 1-6 - Kolan, children's choir
  • Grades 7-12 - Kol Shirah, songleaders
  • Ages 13+ - Kol Tikvah, adult choir
  • Ages 13+ - K'lei Tikvah, adult instrumentalists
  • Ages 13+ - Purim Chorale, adult Purim hilarity
  • Ages 13+ - T'filah Group, adults who want to learn shabbat melodies

Learn about our Music programs here


Be a part of this vibrant community of women  at Beth Tikvah Congregation! 
Find out about Sisterhood here                                                                                                                   

Yad Squad

The goal of the Yad Squad is to ensure that all able temple members have the opportunity to read or chant Torah for the congregation. You only need to be able to read Hebrew independently, and be willing to learn to read or chant three or more verses from the Torah scroll.

Each fall, we hold a fun meeting to acknowledge those who have been part of the Yad Squad in the past year, to welcome those who would like to try their skill at reading Torah, and, especially, to let everyone sign up for a specific date to read/chant Torah at a Friday night service. But if you miss the meeting, you can join us anyhow!

Our Yad Squad members are justifiably proud of their accomplishments, and we always welcome new members. If you would like to try reading or chanting Torah, please contact our leaders for more information.

Celebrate Anniversaries

Yad Squad offers a great opportunity for our young (and not so young) members to celebrate the anniversary of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah by joining us to chant or read their portion each anniversary. Other significant life events are also great opportunities to celebrate with a Torah reading: wedding anniversaries, birthdays, dates of recovery from illness, graduations or trips to Israel. Come and celebrate them all as a member of the Yad Squad!  To view specific information about Life Cycle events, please click here

What if I don’t chant Torah?

Even if you don’t know how to chant Torah, that is okay! First, you do not have to chant Torah. Yad Squad members include both those who chant and those who read.

But, if you want to learn to chant, we can help. To prepare Yad Squad members for their “big moment,” Cantorial Soloist Ilana Axel will prepare a recording of the chanted verses, and our organizers Susan Schwartz and Julie Brandon are available for additional help. We have also offered occasional classes on trope for those interested in more extensive lessons. Or you can take advantage of the many online resources for learning your parsha.

Yad Squad Resources for learning your parsha:

Youth Groups

Youth Group Advisor,
Youth Chair

Our Youth groups are broken into two groups. The 6th-8th grade group is called "TWEENs" and the 9th-12th grade group is called "BeTTY" (Beth Tikvah Temple Youth). The two groups sometimes come together for programming or events. 

Our youth groups join together for fun, food, great friendships, social action service to the community, and the right mix of song and spiritual connection.

Learn more about our  Youth Groups!

OSRUI Summer Camp

Many of our youth attend OSRUI Summer Camp. Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) camp in Oconomowoc, WI. This special piece of geography with incredible summer and winter retreat memories for young and old, alike, provides a unique connection to friends, faith, and the greater Jewish community, at large. Some scholarships are available.

Birthright Israel

Tell them to forget the excuses - it’s time to #JustGo! Registration for Birthright Israel with Shorashim is open, and spots are filling up FAST, so don't wait and let your friends and family miss out!

Spread the word that all eligible participants can apply now @ They can take that first step in their once-in-a-lifetime adventure today - it only takes about 10 minutes AND they can fly from Chicago- so let them know that #AdventureAwaits! If you have questions, just get in touch with Shorashim at or (312) 267-0677.

Post High School

At Beth Tikvah Congregation, we like to stay in touch with our graduating seniors in the immediate years following High School. Whether you (or your child) are currently in college, the military, and/or if you still live in the area, we at BTC would still like to be a part of your lives and be there for you as needed.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Tachman if you are in need of advice, direction, help with a paper on religion, a note to get out of that exam scheduled on Yom Kippur, or if would like to share news of any kind. You can contact Rabbi through email or on Facebook.

Come back to visit 

Be sure to come back to Beth Tikvah Congregation each year for our annual “Blue Jeans” Shabbat, which always takes place the Friday evening after Thanksgiving. Of course, please be sure to come home whenever you can sneak away, and particularly if you can reconnect for the High Holidays or any holidays, for that matter.

College Boxes

Sign-up for Beth Tikvah Sisterhood's Young Adult Integration program to keep in touch with your Jewish roots and Religious School friends.

You will receive:

  • Free goody bags on Jewish holidays
  • A directory of Beth Tikvah friends' school contact information
  • Invitations to reunion events at Beth Tikvah

Complete this registration form to receive College Boxes.

Post-High School – Useful Links 

College Links

Jewish Fun & Learning

Other Sites

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