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Executive Board

The Board of Directors welcomes you to our Jewish community and encourages you to become involved in our spiritual, religious, educational, social action, and social activities. You will find that the more you participate, the more you will benefit from being a member of our congregation. The Board is comprised of the Executive Board, and the Board of Directors.

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President, Laura Reitman


President Laura Reitman

Laura Reitman (she, her, hers)

President's Blog

Temple-wide Mask Guidelines Effective June 14

Sunday, Jun 13 7:30pm
Beth Tikvah Congregation - Temple-wide Mask Guidelines Effective June 14
Dear Fellow Congregant:
As I have previously shared, one of my prior


The President oversees the Board of Directors and all of its Committees. This lay leader works closely with the Rabbi and Office Administrator to make sure all is running smoothly.

This person directly oversees the following chairpeople: The Leadership Chair disseminates information necessary for board members to know. The Leadership Development Chair develops, institutes, and oversees a training program for identified leaders. The Endowment Chair oversees the fund’s donations, investment portfolio, and disbursements, as well as the use of the funds. The Nominating Chair oversees the Board Nominating Committee, its meetings, the Board Installation Shabbat, and reception. The Policy & Parliamentarian Chair maintains revisions to the Constitution, Bylaws, Policy Manual, and approved actions at board meetings, and ensures the correct process by adhering to the above, as well as Robert’s Rules of Order.

Members at Large are past presidents that do not have specific roles, but they attend Board Meetings and have a vote.

Executive Vice President, Anne Gruettner

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Anne Gruettner

Anne Gruettner (she, her, hers) 

The Executive Vice President prepares to become President at the end of the President's term.

In addition, this person oversees the following committees and people. Building & Grounds Committee maintains our building and grounds and oversees the building Security Sub-Committee. The Technology Chair maintains the physical technology systems within our building, and the digital/electronic programs used for business. The Long-Range Planning Chair oversees the temple’s mission and vision statements, as well as a long-range plan.

Marketing & Communications Vice President, Lori Trachtenberg

Marketing & Communications Vice President

Lori Trachtenberg (she, her, hers) 

The Marketing & Communications Vice President oversees all print and digital publications, and social media, which includes the following chairs.

The Marketing Chair oversees Beth Tikvah’s brand and is responsible to help each organization create a marketing plan for their major events. The Publicity & Public Relations Chair publicizes our activities and functions to the surrounding community through the local press, radio, television, and Internet, as appropriate. The Website Services Chair ensures the website is updated regularly with current content from our temple organizations and adds new functionality to the website as needed. The Tikvahite Newsletter Editor keeps the congregants informed of temple events via a monthly newsletter, including articles from board members, all temple organizations, advertisements, and marketing for upcoming events.

Ritual & Community Vice President, Linda O'Brien

Ritual & Community Vice President

Ritual & Community Vice President Linda O'Brien

Linda O'Brien (she, her, hers) 

The Ritual & Community Vice President oversees the following Committees: Caring Committee, Ritual Committee, Social Action Committee, Social Justice (Tzedek) Committee, and ARZA Committee.

Membership & Involvement Vice President, Ellen Rosenblum

Membership & Involvement Vice President

Ellen Rosenblum (she, her, hers) 

The Membership and Involvement Vice President oversees the following Chairs and groups.

The Recruitment Chair reaches out to prospective members to educate them and welcome them into our community. The Engagement Chair encourages all members to participate in temple organizations in accordance with their ages, families, and interests. The Outreach Chairs welcome to our community a diversity of Jews and their families, including Jews of color, LGBTQ individuals, interfaith families as well as Jews-by-choice, and those of all ages, income levels and family structures.

The Men’s Club serves the temple in many ways and cultivates friendships in social gatherings. Men’s Club members usher at services, build the temple sukkah, organize a congregational golf outing, act as servers at the annual Chilli Cook-Off and Sisterhood Seder, and enjoy a regularly scheduled Game Night.

The Sisterhood has a board of 40 women. Ongoing programs include oneg sponsorship and serving, Judaica Shop, Mah Jongg, Lilith Salon, and the Nosh Cafe. Annual events include the Women’s Seder, Volunteer Appreciation dinner, flower fundraiser, and Chai Tea.

Education Vice President, Sheryl Kier

Education Vice President

Sheryl Kier (she, her, hers) 

The Education Vice President oversees all of the following Chairs and Committees:

The ECC Committee Chairs lead all ECC Committee meetings, manage the calendar, take minutes, and work closely with the ECC Director on budget, enrollment, and more. They also oversee all ECC fundraisers and coordinate volunteers.

The Religious School Committee Chairs support the Principals by leading the Religious School Committee meetings, overseeing all Religious School Committee programs including Teacher Appreciation, Grade-level Shabbats, Fundraising, office volunteers, grade-level volunteers, registration, and beginning and end-of-year preparations.

The Youth Chair supervises the activities of the youth groups and their professional employee, the Youth Advisor.

The Adult Education Chair plans activities and programs that appeal to all adult age groups. Some activities include Torah Study, Catholic-Jewish Dialogue, Abraham Salons, Book Club, movies, guest speakers, adult B’nai Mitzvahs, and Yad Squad.

The Library Volunteers supervise, administer, and operate our temple library. This includes checking-out books, contacting those with overdue books, thanking those who donate books, and purchasing new materials.

Fundraising Vice President, Rokki Parrinello and Mandy Thallhammer

Fundraising Vice Presidents

Fundraising Vice Presidents Rokki Parrinello and Mandy Thallhammer

Rokki Parinello  (she, her, hers) &
Mandy Thalhammer (she, her, hers)  

The Fundraising Vice President oversees the Ways & Means (Fundraising), Honor Roll, and Enrichment Funds Committees.

The Ways & Means Chair creatively meets the temple’s fundraising budget. These funds supplement membership dues to ensure the temple’s programming, building, and staff continue to make Beth Tikvah Congregation the place we love. The Honor Roll Chair raises money for the temple by personally encouraging those members who can, to pay more than the minimum dues. The Enrichment Chair explains and promotes all of the Temple’s enrichment funds, to which members and non-members may donate, as well as what the money in each fund is used for.

Treasurer, Steve Winner


Steve Winner (he, him, his)  

The Treasurer keeps accurate and timely accounting records for Beth Tikvah Congregation. The Treasurer leads the budgeting effort, plays an integral role in the bill-paying process, and prepares monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors.

Co-Financial Secretaries, Carol Meyer & Howard Meyer

Co-Financial Secretaries





Carol Meyer (she, her, hers) &
Howard Meyer (he, him, his) 

The Financial Secretaries help ensure that the congregation collects membership dues, religious school fees, and other fees on a timely basis. In addition, if members are facing financial hardship, they may contact the Financial Secretaries to request adjustment of membership dues and school fees.

Recording Secretary, Pam Altman

Recording Secretary

Recording Secretary Pam Altman

Pam Altman (she, her, hers) 

The Recording Secretary records and distributes the minutes of Board of Directors meetings, and schedules Board members to be on the bimah during all Shabbat services. The Recording Secretary also oversees the Temple calendar on behalf of the Executive Board.

Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784