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2022-2023 Religious School Enrollment

Enrollment is open for the 2022-2023 Religious School Year!

Religious School for the 2022-2023 school year begins on Sunday, September 11, 2021. At Beth Tikvah we aim to provide children with knowledge of Jewish heritage, a sense of Jewish identity, a positive attitude toward Judaism, a means to connect to the Jewish people and a commitment to lifelong learning and Jewish practices. Beth Tikvah’s Religious School has classes for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

We have classes from Pre-K through High School. Want to learn more about our program, contact Director of Congregational Learning Fran Pearlman at

*Please note, this year we are planning on a hybrid model where grades will be in person one day and virtual for additional learning.

How to Enroll Your Child(ren)

The steps to enroll your child(ren) are as follows:

  1. Log into your Beth Tikvah Account (ShulCloud) on the website
  2. Go to your account page
  3. Select Enroll In School
  4. Select the 2022-2023 Religious School Term

Upon logging in for registration you will find the fee structure and schedule for each grade level.

Should you have any questions about religious school programming please feel free to contact Fran at If you have questions regarding HOW TO register please watch THIS VIDEO.



Yahadut (Judaic) concepts are introduced and explored through developmentally-appropriate instructional practices, and students will be introduced to some basic Ivrit (Hebrew) through song, stories, and teacher modeling. All students attend T’filah (worship) services and Music on Sunday mornings.  


9:30 - 12:00 pm Judaics, Torah and Hebrew In-Person

Hebrew (Ivrit)
 Class is taught Virtually
Time is dependent on placement

On Sundays, students study Yahadut (Judaics), Torah, and Ivrit (Hebrew).  Additionally students will attend T’filah (worship) services on alternating Sundays. 

On Tuesdays, students study
Hebrew (Ivrit) ONLY.  At the beginning of the year students are given a placement test and are leveled based on their Hebrew knowledge.  


Sunday (in person)
Chugim and Judaics
12:45-1:30 pm
Optional Hebrew

Tuesday (in person)
Gesher L’Kesher Dinner

Gesher L’Kesher Academy

Hebrew (Ivrit)

Ivrit (Hebrew) Option: Students will continue their Jewish studies (Judaics and Chugim) and their Ivrit education.

Non-Ivrit Option: For students who wish to continue their Jewish studies (Yahadut, Chugim & Gesher L'Kesher Academy) without the requirement of taking Ivrit.

Gesher L’Kesher Dinner: The Gesher L’Kesher Program includes the opportunity for ALL 8th – 12th grade students to enjoy social time together.  After dinner, students will participate in Gesher L’Kesher Academy, a discussion based class that focuses on Jewish topics and current events.

Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783