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ECC Summer Camp

05/01/2019 08:35:56 PM


Ellyn Weisz

Nature provides boundless opportunities for young children, observing, exploring, questioning, discovering, growing, and learning. Today's fast paced, technology-driven lifestyle competes for everyone's time and attention. Outdoor exploration, once a universal daily activity, now requires purposeful planning. Richard Louv argues that this current trend has led to “nature deficit disorder,” children’s alienation from the natural world. 

So where should your children be this summer? Certainly not sitting inside in a structured environment, in a class that doesn't give them a lot of free exploratory play time with friends. They have sat inside having classes and instruction for the last nine months in school. It is time to run, swim, ride bikes, climb, dig, explore, observe, and have time to be a child with no pressure or expectation of producing work.

Camp ECC allows our children to experience all that and more. Our day is spent mostly outside so the children/yeladim can have the best of what summer offers: experiences where children can be outside and enjoy summer. 

Research shows that children who spend large amounts of time outdoors are calmer, more focused, have more confidence, are more creative and are more likely to become healthier adults. 

Enroll your children now, we know how to make summer fun!

Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782