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Silent letters? No way!

12/29/2019 10:06:04 AM


Second grade is very proud of themselves because they have learned so many letters in the Aleph - Bet, and they should be! We are currently working on the letter Aleph, which had the kids surprised when they found out it makes no sound at all...unless there is a vowel under it. Minds were blown away! It is very exciting to see how excited they get to read and participate in activities on the board and to practice their writing. Although I am sure their favorite way to practice is by using Play - Doh. I also find the kids asking everyday when they are going to decorate another letter to add to their Aleph - Bet books. We will be adding more letters after winter break!  Since Hanukkah is coming up soon, we have taken some class time to enjoy a few Hanukkah stories and activities. 

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782