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A Technical Glitch? That Won’t Stop Us! 

01/20/2020 04:34:58 PM


We started the New Year off with a review of the letters we have learned and everyone did a great job! We also started with a slight technical glitch, so we went to plan b one day and practiced writing and played a game by tossing bean bags onto a mat and stating the Hebrew letter they had landed on. We moved past that glitch and continued to learn new letters. Our newest letter we have learned is the letter Vav and we are currently working on learning the letter Koof. We have also recently added the letter Vav to our Aleph - Bet books making the connection to violins for the sound and pink paper (pink in Ivrit is ורד - Varod) 

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782