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Words, Words and More Words, So Many Words!

12/29/2019 09:23:20 PM


We are moving along swimmingly in our books. The third grade students are improving on their reading, writing and vocabulary skills. It is very exciting when so many hands go up to answer questions or want to read a part of our story. Some of the new words we have recently learned are: house (בּית), rain (גשם), family (משפחה), gift (מטנה), big (גדול), and little (קטן). As we practiced these words your kids drew pictures using the words they had learned and also labeled what they drew. We are currently working on learning words about things that can be found in and around the classroom. I have also introduced a new game to our class: Hebrew Pictionary! The kids loved playing it! We are even working on practicing our numbers in Hebrew. We have learned the pattern on how to count and and we practice by hearing the page numbers being called out in Hebrew. 

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782