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01/20/2020 04:40:14 PM


Rachel Cole

The current topic of study for 3rd grade is Gevurah “STRENGTH”. We are learning about inner strength and physical strength. We connected this topic to Hanukkah where the Maccabees use their physical strength to win back the Temple and their inner strength to put things back in order when everything was destroyed. We also talked about Moses and how he used his inner strength when leading the Jews from Egypt. We connected the theme of Gevurah to our own lives and how we use our inner “Gevurah” when dealing with people who might not be so nice or doing things that are new and unfamiliar. The students posed for this wonderful picture to show us how much Gevurah they have. Keep up the great work 3rd graders!

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782