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Visual Midrash

01/20/2020 04:51:04 PM


Cynthia Singer

During our first two classes in January, students were immersed in creative activity! They reviewed the 7 chapters in our class text: Jewish Values in Genesis, and picked a biblical story/character that they wanted to re-animate by developing a puppet show. They were given the choice to act out the story as it was originally told or to add contemporary voices and issues to their scripts. Most chose the latter option. So instead of...Read more...

Choose to Be Kind!

12/29/2019 09:24:45 PM


Third graders have focused on the values of chesed (kindness), emet (truth), and acharayut (responsibility). We’ve decorated Kindness Bags, and each week we deposit remembrances of kind things...Read more...

Grade 3 Torah November Blog

12/06/2019 02:40:13 PM


Dear Families- 

So far this school year we have used a variety of activities, including dramatics, arts and crafts, and games to study the lessons of several stories/texts in Genesis. We’ve completed the first three chapters in our class text, Jewish Values in Genesis, which encompasses the stories of Creation, The Garden of Eden, Noah, The Tower of Babel, as well as Abraham and Sarah’s journey to Canaan. For each story, we...Read more...

Welcome to 3rd Grade Torah

07/20/2019 11:02:06 PM


Welcome to 3rd Grade Torah at Beth Tikvah. Here you will find the week to week information on what our students are learning and doing in our class. Please come back regularly to stay up to date.

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782