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Attitude of Gratitude

04/01/2019 08:20:09 PM


Rokki Parrinello & Mandy Thalhammer

Hakarat Hatov “recognizing the good” is the quintessential Jewish value; as the name of Yehuda (Judah), is rooted in hodah – to give thanks. It is the essence of a meaningful Jewish experience. While one may have all the blessings of goodness (good health, wonderful family, and friends to name a few), without gratitude, one’s journey through life can’t capture the full meaning of appreciation. Giving thanks and finding ways to conveying gratitude is a profound key to happiness.

There are no words which adequately describe the depth of gratitude we owe our remarkable teaching staff. Week after week they enthusiastically and tirelessly share their love of Judaism with each and every student they teach. Teaching in a Jewish Religious School can be one of life’s most enriching and rewarding experiences. Our phenomenal teaching staff finds innovative ways to bring Judaism to life for their students. They inspire our Beth Tikvah students to connect with Judaism in personal ways and often provide guidance, support, and opportunities to bring Judaism to life.

On behalf of Beth Tikvah Congregation, we would like to show our gratitude by saying thank you for your efforts, for your time, and for your passion. We thank you for loving our children, believing in their future, and for giving them access to Torah and the means to use it in their lives.

Join us on April 5th, during the 6:00 pm Shabbat service, as we come together as a congregation to make a difference in their lives by honoring our teachers for their hard work and dedication.


Important Religious School Dates for April:
Apr 5    Fri      TEACHER APPRECIATION - Shabbat Service and Dinner
Apr 7    Sun    10th Grade Family Education PreK-5 Kibbitz and Bites Grades Ruach Day
Apr 14  Sun     All School Pesach Seder - Parents are welcome to participate
Apr 19  Fri       Passover - First Seder
Apr 20  Sat      Passover - Second Seder
Apr 21  Sun     No School - Passover Break
Apr 23  Tue     No School - Passover Break
Apr 28  Sun    Religious School Committee Meeting

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