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12/01/2018 09:07:21 PM


Rokki Parrinello & Mandy Thalhammer

This month's Jewish Value is Gevurah, which can be defined as “strength” or “might,” and is the source of accomplishment, creativity, and self-preservation. Gevurah goes beyond physical strength and acts of bravery. Often, our role models are mythical superheroes or sports, music, and entertainment personalities. We need to understand that gevurah includes spiritual courage and the willingness to take risks for the right causes. This means that a true hero is one that exhibits strength when necessary to support themselves and those around them. Gevurah also incorporates the idea that we all can be heroic in our everyday lives by doing what is right and just. This value of Gevurah also applies to withstanding peer pressure, self-restraint, discipline, and taking a leadership role when the opportunity or need to step up comes along.

Much like the Maccabees who demonstrated incredible strength, determination, and intestinal fortitude for their community, we see many of these same characteristics in our amazing Gesher L’kesher teens. As young Jewish adults our students are not only impacted by—but often the focus of—intolerance, prejudice, and anti-semitic controversies. Our students have found themselves amidst insufferable situations in which they must draw upon their inner “gevurah” to manage themselves, their emotions, and their ability to deal with others respectfully.

As the hub for Jewish learning, community, and connections, Beth Tikvah becomes their house of hope and strength. We frequently hear that Beth Tikvah is the one place our Gesher L’ Kesher students can truly be themselves. Our house of hope is the place where they can openly share their feelings and angst about the challenges they experience outside of Beth Tikvah. Through the learning experiences, it is our continual goal for these amazing young adults to grow in strength, character, and self-identity. “Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek” - “Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us strengthen others as well.”

Important Religious School Dates for December & January:
Dec 2 Sun Erev Chanukah Family Education- 9th & 11th Grades Ruach Day
Dec 4 Tue 2nd Day of Chanukah
Dec 7 Fri Congregational Chanukah Dinner and Shabbat Service
Dec 9 Sun 7th Night of Chanukah
No School - Winter Break 12/23 - 1/1
Jan 6 Sun Religious School Resumes / Ruach Day

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