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02/02/2020 11:57:28 AM


Rokki Parrinello and Mandy Thalhammer, Co-Principals

We hope you enjoy reading about our staff (tzevet) with each article and are learning interesting things about each person we have featured. Scoring a TEN for the Purim Polka are Ellyn Weisz and Cynthia Singer. They would definitely be strong contenders if they were competing in Beth Tikvah’s Dancing with the Stars. With more than 40 years of combined teaching experience at Beth Tikvah you’ll want to read on to know more about these terrific teachers.


Teacher Feature

Ellyn Weisz

Cynthia Singer

While Ellyn has been a Beth Tikvah Religious School teacher for 22 years she is in her 43rd year as a Jewish Educator. Her entire career has been dedicated to the education of young children. As a Religious School teacher Ellyn has taught PreK, 1st, and 2nd grades.

Ellyn is committed to Jewish education because of her passion for instilling a love of Judaism in young children. This includes; the holidays, Tzedakah, Mitzvot Jewish values and Israel-which happens to be Ellyn’s favorite topic to teach children about!. For Ellyn, the most rewarding experience of being a Jewish educator is simple, it is the children!

There are multiple circles Ellyn “dances” in at Beth Tikvah. She is the director of the ECC, and participates on Sisterhood, Ways & Means, Social Action, and Social Justice. Outside of Beth Tikvah she is involved in the Early Childhood groups of URJEC, JUF & CFJE early childhood, CEELI and the Chicago region of the Early Childhood Jewish Director’s Council.

Ellyn encourages us to remember what belonging to a Temple is all about. It is about community and commitment. We owe it to our past and future generations to keep our Synagogue thriving. L'Dor va Dor.


Over the last 20 years Cynthia has taught students in grades 2-8 in all curricular areas; Ivrit, Torah, and Yahadut. Years ago she also taught Tot Shabbat classes and finds it incredibly rewarding to reconnect with children and families that she once worked with as infants and toddlers.

Cynthia chooses to be involved in Jewish education because “it is a dream fulfilled.” Her favorite theme to teach about is HaKarat Tov (Recognizing the Good). Because it is such an important life skill for everyone to have. She continually works to keep students engaged in learning by combining lessons or classes occasionally with another teacher, goes on field trips, and incorporates music and movement. Additionally she encourages students to communicate with each other outside of class and will host or attend a class activity once each school year.

Aside from teaching at Beth Tikvah, she “dances” on the sisterhood board and temple board, but she will tell you that Religious School is her most important involvement. Cynthia also seeks opportunities for professional development, is a member at the Illinois Holocaust museum, attends many other events in the Midwest including Israeli/Jewish film festivals and exchanges ideas with Jewish educators throughout the United States.



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