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Shalom in the Home

01/20/2020 04:33:04 PM


We have been talking about what it means to have a “Shalom Bayit”, or a peaceful home. We talked about how our families are communities, and need to maintain balance just like our schools, temples and friend groups. We also read a book and learned about being a “bucket filler”. This means, when we have the opportunity to make someone feel good, we fill their “bucket”. This can mean helping them when they need it, giving them a compliment and working together when they feel alone. We all wrote compliments on tiny sheets of paper and put them in small “buckets” with our names to show everyone how much we appreciate each other. When everyone has a full bucket, our home is peaceful. We have been working on making beautiful Hamsa’s to hang at home as a symbol of peace and protection

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782