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Shalom in the Home

01/20/2020 04:33:04 PM


We have been talking about what it means to have a “Shalom Bayit”, or a peaceful home. We talked about how our families are communities, and need to maintain balance just like our schools, temples and friend groups. We also read a book and learned about being a “bucket filler”. This means, when we have the opportunity to make someone feel good, we fill their “bucket”. This can mean helping them when they need it, giving them a...Read more...

And on the 7th Day...we had FUN!

12/22/2019 10:08:02 AM


First grade has been busy learning all about the days of creation. We learned how G-d made darkness and light, the sky and sea, animals and people, fish and stars...and how G-d’s day of rest became our Shabbat. We learned things children can do on Shabbat (rest, read, play board games, walk…) and some blessings people say on Shabbat.

Hanukkah is fast approaching and we started the topic by discussing a WANT vs. a NEED. The...Read more...

Grade 1 Yahadut Blog

12/06/2019 08:45:34 AM


Dear Families,

First Grade is off to a great start! We started the year by learning all about the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We looked at Shofars, made apple-shaped paper weights and edible Torahs. The fall Harvest came soon after and we made paper chains for the Sukkah and tin-foil decorations.

We have been learning all about different Jewish values and Mitzvot. A Mitzvah is a good deed, and we have...Read more...

Kyle is Here!

09/05/2019 08:24:35 PM


Kyle is teaching as a substitute this year.


Welcome to 1st Grade Judaics

07/20/2019 11:02:06 PM


Welcome to 1st Grade Judaics. Here you will find the week to week information on what our students are learning and doing in our class. Please come back regularly to stay up to date.

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782