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What does Shabbat mean to you?

01/20/2020 04:36:04 PM


Jack Toljanic

These first two weeks back from winter break have been spent working with the students. It is unusual to have a teacher change in the middle of the year, so this was a new experience for them. I do plan to keep going on with the same curriculum that Karen was following. This means that the past two weeks (1/5/20 and 1/12/20) were spent discussing with the class what Shabbat means to them and their families. Not all of the students realized that they do celebrate the Sabbath in their own ways. Once they understood that everyone’s Shabbat is unique, it became easier for them to work on understanding what Shabbat is and how it can be different for every family. 

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782