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Make Our Voices Heard

11/01/2018 07:25:32 PM


Terrie O'Day

This November is election month - the mid-terms. Historically, this type of election has not seen a strong turnout. In the current climate of our world, no matter what side of the fence you are on politically, it is crucial that we get out and VOTE! We must make our voices heard, and the mid-term elections are where it directly impacts us. It is our constitutional right, and we are so blessed to have that right when so many other countries do not. We need to vote to make sure that we continue to have our voices heard. We have so many young people who are new or soon to be voters, and we should be showing them that it does matter. We need to lead by example.

The children are watching us; they are counting on us. This was really evident to me last month during my “Ask the President” day. I had several of our young students ask me specifically about being President: What do I do as President? How did I get to be President? Did I like being President? I didn’t get these kinds of questions last year. Never underestimate how the wheels are turning in our children’s minds. They may be our future indeed but we are still their role models and can shape how “our” future will be!

Ultimately, it is important that we work to bring people together for the benefit of our country, not tear people apart because of our differences. We need to protect the liberties that our forefathers worked so hard to achieve. Most importantly we need to show each other kindness and respect.

So get informed and get out to vote! See you Tuesday, November 6th, at the polls!

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