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A Place That I Love

08/01/2018 08:04:30 PM


Terrie O'Day

Beth Tikvah, a place that I love…How about you?

Why do you love Beth Tikvah? What do you think needs improvement at Beth Tikvah? If you could change one thing about Beth Tikvah what would that be? If you could do something to make a difference here what would you do? How do you want your children to feel about their Judaism? About Beth Tikvah? How can you support and encourage that? How can WE support and engage YOU?

We LOVE our Beth Tikvah community and it’s a GREAT place to be. We know that there are so many of you who are active and involved and we truly appreciate that! We also realize that there are those who are not engaged and we really want to understand why. Maybe you have your own reasons for this and there is nothing we can do about that, and that’s ok. However, for some, maybe there is something we can do to engage you on a deeper level. What would entice you to engage more with us and get more value out of your membership?

These are questions that we, the Leadership at Beth Tikvah, are asking ourselves. We really want to know and hear from you! Over the last year, we offered several opportunities to attend our Congregational Coffees and provide your feedback. These group conversations were very enlightening! We had over 100 folks attend several group sessions led by Ilene Kettering. We appreciate everyone who was able to attend and have been working on information received from those sessions. However, we also know that others may not have had the opportunity to attend. For those who could not make it to one of the coffees, please think about these questions; and I invite you to reach out to me via email or phone to discuss your thoughts.

I hope to see you all at one of the many activities we have coming this month, such as the fabulous Annual Temple Picnic on August 19th sponsored by our Membership Committee!

Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780