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Rabbi Taron Tachman’s “Our House” Dedication Prayer

10/01/2019 06:41:04 PM


Rabbi Taron Tachman

We gather here, community leaders, public officials, friends and family, to dedicate this space that has been beautifully updated and refreshed.

Today we thank God and all those who have donated generously and worked diligently to transform a bold vision into reality.

This afternoon the visionary words of Israel’s Founding Father, Theodore Herzl, apply to Beth Tikvah Congregation as well: 

Im Tir su, ainzo...

Learning About the High Holy Days and Mishkan HaNefesh

08/01/2019 08:25:31 PM


Rabbi Taron Tachman

As I write this article in the middle of July, I am in the process of working along with Cantorial Leader Ilana Axel to transition Beth Tikvah Congregation from the 1978 Gates of Repentance prayerbook to the new Mishkan HaNefesh: Machzor for the Days of Awe. We are grateful to the many congregants who have donated sets of Mishkan HaNefesh to Beth Tikvah and as mentioned in my previous article, with appreciation...Read more...

A New Machzor

05/01/2019 12:00:00 AM


Rabbi Taron Tachman

I realize that some congregants may be wondering why we need a new machzor—the prayerbook used for the High Holy Days. Many of us, like myself, have grown very fond of our current Gates of Repentance (GOR) machzor. For me, it is the siddur that I grew up with, and the first Machzor from which I led High Holy Day Services. I know many of the passages by heart. I bet you do as well. There are also those who have fond memories of the...Read more...

Greeting from the Big Island!

03/01/2019 12:00:55 AM


Rabbi Taron Tachman

Aloha and Shalom!! Greetings from the “Big Island” of Hoffman Estates where this year for Purim, WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!!! YAY!!! Well, not really, but kind of, please keep reading…..

This year for Purim we are changing things up at bit. On the actual day of...Read more...

January is Justice Month!

01/01/2019 10:44:33 AM


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, April 16, 1963

In this month of January where we read the story of the Israelites redemption from slavery in Egypt and we learn of our...Read more...

Voting is a Sacred Task

11/01/2018 10:51:43 AM


On both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we, as a congregation, recited a prayer for our nation which included the words: “Cause us to see clearly that the well-being of our nation is in the hands of all of our citizens.”

What these words remind us is that it is not enough to simply ask God to protect and bless our country. Each of us has a role and responsibility as citizens to see to the welfare of the United States. We...Read more...

Shavuot Double Hitter!

05/01/2018 10:52:53 AM


Shavuot, one of the most important Jewish holidays of the year, will be celebrated at BTC in two special ways on Saturday evening, May 19th. (See below)

Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. The word “Shavuot” means “weeks” and this holiday takes place seven weeks after Passover. Shavuot is also known as a harvest festival and it marks the end of the barley harvest and summer wheat harvest. In ancient...Read more...

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